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KREIBICH fur&gloves -
Czech producer of luxury fur clothes and accessories

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24th November 2005

Lightweight Spanish lamb

Lightweight Spanish lamb

Nowadays, lightweight Spanish lamb is one of the most popular materials for fur clothes making. It is not just because of its excellent features but also because of the fact that sheep is not an animal reared only for the fur.

Fur industry has been under the pressure for many years – ecologists wanted them to use the fur from the animals where the fur is not the main product. The most typical representative is the sheep.

There are about one thousand kinds of sheep all over the world. Most of them is reared for meat, wool and milk. Some types are more suitable for the fur. Spain is an important producer of sheep with an excellent fur.

Spanish lamb has soft, shiny skin and very short hair. Typical fur features between types Merino and Enterfino are very important for the double – face adjustment. Combination of these three features and modern technology of tanning, enabled producers to develop a very light fur – lightweight Spanish lamb (term "lamb" is used for 3 to 12 – month – old sheep). This lightweight Spanish lamb is suitable for the fur clothes.

The lightweight Spanish lamb has an average height between 4 to 12 mm, different surface modifications and various colours. Chamois – leather/suede or napalan is produced from the skin side; bris, oxido, print etc. is produced from the hair side.

Limited production of this excellent, first – rate fur determines its market price. It is not a secret that this lightweight Spanish lamb is used for fur clothes by Elegance, Madeline, Hugo Boss or Escada.

KREIBICH kožešiny&rukavice Company has a selection of lightweight Spanish lambsuede and napalan – which includes more than 50 fashion colours and almost 30 types of ladies´, men´s and children´s clothes together with accessories such as hats, gloves, scarves etc.
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